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This Orgone Pyramid has a metal vortex spiral at the apex to heighten the energy flow. Large 3.5 inch base. Solid orgone matrix. Excellent for EMF protection.

Energy Frequencies: Lapis (beauty and abundance); Pyrite (strength and stability); green aventurine (growth, vitality); green calcite (healthy growth patterns), blue crystalline silica (cleansing); copper, brass, zinc and resin (charged ion energy flow). A powerful orgonite type pyramid configuration.

This is a model of the Great Pyramid of Cheops (52 degree angle) which is in alignment with the sacred geometric Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean) of Phi Φ…1.618 (aka Fibonacci ratio). This sacred geometric ratio is powerful and has been used for millennia to design and build sacred and healing spaces.

3.5 inch base. 3 inches tall.

Benefits include:

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