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This is our very first pendant design created back in 2011. Though there have been improvements over the years - the look and feel remains the same.

Enhanced with a metal vortex set near the center of the pendant. Gemstones and metal placed throughout to heighten the energy transference. Includes black cord.

True orgonite type matrix – resin; tri-metals – copper, aluminum, zinc alloy; one small laser quartz crystal is embedded in the resin.

Information sheet included. Tested with pendulum for efficacy.

"Greetings ~ My order arrived so quickly and I am so happy with my products... I purchased Harmonizers as gifts and they are beautiful.… Everything I received today immediately made a difference in my total attitude and have a calming effect. Thank you for providing these beautiful and amazing products. I send you love and light. Blessings and peace be  with you.   K. C. " (FL)

Benefits include:

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