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There is a fable that a giant turtle upholds the world on it\'s back as it slowing travels the path. Turtles generally live long lives perhaps due to their slow non-hasty movements. There is also a saying 'The race is not for the swift, but for he who can endure to the end'. This symbol speaks of being in the moment rather than running from a past or racing to a future.

The energy infused in this pendant flows through a deep blue sea/sky.Crystal point and zinc/aluminum metal embedded in resin… powerful orgone matrix combination.

The Sea Turtle is one of the longest living of animals. It symbolizes longevity, immortality, wisdom. Swimming is an ocean of blue and green, the sea turtle is surrounded by serenity and health.

These are wonderful folks! They know what they are doing, they always create excellent Orgone devices, and each one is unique! The Purple People Hand-Craft with love in their hearts and pride in their work... Made in America! (Amazon review)

Benefits include:

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