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If you could give this mandala a name, just one word, what would it be? And so it is.

   Hand-painted “codes of creation’ uniquely combined with orgone energy to create works of art which cleanse and vitalize ones’ living space.

  In The Beginning was a circle of Harmony - Beauty - Love, and this circle was made fractal. Sacred geometry is the foundation of physical creation… continuously radiating frequencies of organization ~ creating levels upon levels of beauty and harmony.

   Place water, juice, stones, jewelry, etc., on this charging plate for at least 15 minutes to energize, harmonize, and realign. Or just place in your living space to create a more harmonious and healing atmosphere.

   Kindly handle this work of art with reverence. Please do not immerse in water. Light weight 3.5 oz. travel size. Approx. 4” wide and 1/3” thick.

  Orgone Energy in a nut shell: This orgone energy charging plate consists of quality resin, black shungite powder, quartz crystal granules, and copper shavings.  Shungite is an amazing mineral which blasts through and balances inharmonious frequencies. Quartz crystal granules create coherent waves of clarity. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy. Resin, a composite form of plastic, creates the piezoelectric pressure necessary for the generation of orgone energy. A true orgone matrix.

See the beauty, experience the harmony. May all Beings be happy.

Approx. 4" wide, 1/3" thick

Benefits include:

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