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A high frequency Lemurian quartz crystal is tightly encased in a geometrically etched metal cap using high quality resin. True EMF protection.

Lemurian crystals are known as master crystals ~ elegantly elongated quartz. Their unique striated faceted sides allow for energy oscillation at high frequencies. Found in just a few areas around the globe, this is a rare find. No two alike. These attractive wands vary in size: from 2 – 4 inches long, from slender pencil-like to wide tabular-like bodies, with slight natural imperfections.

Effective orgone matrix – crystal, metal and resin. Quartz crystal creates coherent waves of clarity. The zinc alloy metal cap provides the supportive counter wave. Resin, a composite form of plastic, creates the piezoelectric pressure necessary for the generation of orgone energy.

Each pendant weighs about half an ounce. Comes with a black cord and a removable steel black bead. Includes an information sheet and a free surprise gift

Benefits include:

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