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This three spire energy system weighs over 1 lb., has a 6″ dia. base plate and comes with an information sheet. 3 inch tall coil antennas nested inside solid copper couplers, energized by vortices on the bottom for wide coverage.

The large six inch diameter orgone base of this device consists of quality resin, crystal granules, copper shavings and powder, titanium granules, shungite and graphite powder. Three coil antennas for heavy duty 5G whole house protection. Powerful EMF Protection.

POWER PACKED INGREDIENTS – powders and granules are the ingredients of choice because they create a smooth flow and powerful generation of orgone energy.
1- Black Graphite powder has a highly positive coherency which assists in re-arranging unhealthy frequencies into more healthy and life promoting energies.
2- Copper and Aluminum metal shavings are conductors of orgone energy.
3- Black Shungite – strong purification properties.
4- Quartz Crystal Granules are the programming chips for crystalline harmony – from chaos to calm, from stress to peace, from cloudiness to clarity.
5- Titanium – strengthens the energy currents

Each tower buster comes with an information sheet, purple flashlight pen, and free gift.

Benefits include:

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