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immunity booster | toxicity protection

The Shungite Activated Orgone Pyramid is configured to shield against toxic frequencies in your environment as it enhances health and well being. Effective for dispersing harmful frequencies shredding into the world at present

  • Transmits a multi-vitamin effect due the selection of multiple healing gemstones at its apex. This energetic gemstone cap rests on a bed of pure copper shavings, widens into a healthy allotment of powdered black shungite, and is grounded in a forest of green aventurine and silica. A Flower Seed of Life geometric metal medallion flanks two faces of this pyramid. All encased in quality resin. Powerful orgone matrix. Elegant ~ effective.
  • Gemstone cap includes red jasper (purification, circulatory system), black onyx (bones, marrow, blood), brown tigers eye (vitality, strength, will power), agate (physical healing on all levels), black/white snowflake obsidian (stress, calming, soothing), green aventurine (lungs, heart, musculatory and urogenital systems), unakite (heart, skin, breath).
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of orgone energy. Black Shungite is an amazing mineral which purifies as it protects against harmful frequencies. Green Aventurine and Silica are the bedrock of this health and healing orgone pyramid. The Flower Seed of Life medallions infuse harmonious frequencies into the pyramid and thereby out into the environment.
  • Large 4 inch base, weighs over a pound! (the larger the pyramid, the broader the range). Solid orgone matrix - packed to the brim with orgone energy generating ingredients. Comes with an information sheet and free gift.
  • 4 inch base. 3 inches tall.

Benefits include:

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