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The Tree of Life is one of the most prevalent symbols of the current era. Rich in meaning from 'As above, so Below' to the fruit that this tree bears from testament lore. It is a bountiful symbol which gives the energy of these pendants a mystically earthy resonance.

This tree of life has interconnecting roots submerged in the earthy treasures of pyrite. It’s leaves spread upward to embrace a bright copper golden new day. Pyrite (a mineral which contains traces of cobalt, nickel, silver, and gold) is known for it’s properties of abundance. strength and stability. Gold and copper colors emanate qualities of richness, joy and a positive outlook on life.

Enhanced with pyrite gemstones; zinc and aluminum metals; encased in resin… power pack orgone combination. Includes black cord.

"This is a very attractive orgone generator pendant. 20-25 years ago orgone generators were pedestrian and generally unattractive. Welcome to the 21st century and Purple People who bring great artistry to the orgone genre..." (Amazon review)

Benefits include:

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