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This big bold orgone pendant is 2.5 inches tall and weighs approx. 6 ounces. The central little bird represents the soul soaring through a brilliantly blue sky. This ‘Freedom to Soar Orgone Pendant’ is empowered by translucent aquamarine gemstones, glistening copper shavings, and colorful resinal orbs.

Energy Frequencies:
– The color blue has a calming and expansive vibration (just gazing at this pendant can have a calming affect). It represents a ‘wild blue yonder’ of freedom from all forms of fear. Stepping out of the box and stepping up into a glorious new day.
– The aquamarine gemstones that the little bird is soaring through is emanating waves of peace, as it clears the mind and assists in healing any emotional traumas within and around you.
– The solids copper shavings provide the supportive counter wave.
– The blue resin, a composite form of plastic, creates the piezoelectric pressure necessary for the generation of orgone energy.
– Powerful gemstones, solid metals, quality resin – a true orgone matrix.

No two exactly alike. The back side is slightly rough compared to the smooth front side. Comes with a blue cord, information sheet and a free surprise gift.

Benefits include:

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