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Unique orgone incense holder made specifically to enhance the healing benefits released by incense vapors. This vapor kit consists of a sky-blue/crystal-white orgone incense holder and a companion pack of Tibetan ‘Dream’ incense blend. Just light a stick, place it in the central holder of this orgone energy charging plate, and feel the relaxing shift in energy. Restful sleep is healing on many levels.

The orgone holder is made of solid copper shavings, pure crystal granules, quality resin, flower of life sacred geometry medallion. A powerful orgone energy matrix. Excellent for EMF protection.

This rare blend of ‘Dream’ incense sticks is made by Tibetan refugees living in Nepal. Hand rolled from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins, and spices. Contains a touch of vetiver root (wild turmeric) to foster clarity while dreaming. Organic, non-toxic. Beautiful saffron colored lokta paper box. (Nepalese handmade lokta paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of high elevation evergreen shrubs). 30 sticks, 6 inches long, each stick burns approx. 30 minutes.

Incense holder weighs 3.5 oz. and four inches in diameter. No two alike. Comes with information sheet and a free surprise gift.


Benefits include:

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