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A silvery ‘Tree of Life’ floats in a sky blue resin background with glittering white crystal granules. This tree of life has interconnecting roots and branches. Its’ leaves spread upward nourishing a bright blue sky. Its’ roots spread downward nourished by the trail of crystal granules. The Tree of (Our) Life… as above, so below ~ giving and receiving ~ nourishing as it is nourished.

Quartz crystal creates coherent waves of clarity. The solid metal ‘Tree of Life’ medallion provides the supportive counter wave. Resin, a composite form of plastic, creates the piezoelectric pressure necessary for the generation of orgone energy. Crystal granules, solid metal, quality resin – a true orgone matrix.

Power pack orgone combination. Increase sense of well-being; Enhance resilience to stress; Assist mental clarity.

2 inches high. Each pendant comes with a black cord, an information sheet and a free surprise gift. Made here at the Monastery. 

Benefits include:

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