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with magnetite and double terminated quartz crystal activation

  • This ‘music of the spheres’ orgone pendant affirms that life is a dance, creation is a dance… and we came here to dance.
  • A Kokopelli musician rests on three small iridescent magnetite spheres (natural magnets). A blue ‘druzy agate’ sphere dances overhead. Hidden under the musicians’ flute is a translucent “herkimer” diamond-like quartz crystal which emanates powerful harmonious energies (please note that this crystal becomes translucent once embedded in the resin). A radiant metallic flower of life disc is suspended in the sky blue background. All encased in quality resin.
  • Excellent for health, EMF protection, and dispersing any toxic frequencies shedding into ones’ breathing space. This unique orgone energy combination is truly effective.
  • Increase sense of well-being; Enhance resilience to stress; Assist mental clarity.
  • One inch diameter. No two exactly alike. Includes a black cord, information sheet, and free surprise gift.

Benefits include:

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