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The humble bee - where would life be without the bee? No bees, no pollination, no vegetation, no... The symbol represent the interconnections of life and our inherent need to connect with others, to see through separation.

The Flower of Life is a very potent geometric shape which underlies and upholds the fabric of creation, The bee sustains life on this planet – it is the great pollinator. The two symbols in unison express the key to creation, harmony, balance.

“Bee-ing” – the state of giving and receiving. The little bee comes with it’s gift of uniqueness and leaves with a sweet treasure from the Flower of Life. All have their unique gift.

Composition: zinc alloy and tin metals, resin, and a laser point crystal embedded in the resin. EMF protection. Includes black silken cord.Excellent for EMF protection as well as protection in all areas of life. Enhance resilience to stress – Increase sense of well-being (bee-ing).

Benefits include:

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