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This cleansing orgone droplet is designed to be worn over the thymus region. Consisting of black shungite, solid copper shavings, pure crystal granules and quality resin – this orgone matrix assists in washing away barriers to authenticity and integrity. The thymus gland, the bridge between the heart and vocal cords, serves as a bridge towards standing in one’s power and speaking the truth of the heart.

Energy Frequencies: Shungite is an amazing mineral which blasts through and balances inharmonious frequencies. Quartz crystal granules create coherent waves of clarity. The solids copper shavings provide the supportive counter wave. Resin, a composite form of plastic, creates the piezoelectric pressure necessary for the generation of orgone energy. Powerful gemstones and minerals, solid metals, quality resin – a true orgone matrix.

Two inches tall, approx. three ounces. Back side is slightly rough compared to the smooth front side. Comes with a black cotton cord, information sheet and a free surprise gift.

Benefits include:

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