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Shungite -n- Gemstone Orgone Energy Water and Tea Bottle –--- Energizes Drinking Water while Providing EMF Protection for Home, Office, Travel

This Orgone Energy Water Bottle goes further than traditional water bottles. By generating orgone energy underneath water bottle via the shungite orgone charging plate, combined with the healing properties of gemstones immersed in the water - this simple drinking bottle now provides enhanced “structured” water and tea... plus EMF protection.

Shungite and copper were selected for inclusion in the charging plate due their amazing cleansing, energy balancing, and EMF protection properties.

Available in four gemstone infusions: Yellow Citrine - energy; Green Aventurine - abundance and healing; Black Onyx - protection; and Purple Amethyst - intuition.

* Eco-friendly durable 16 oz.
* BPA free, high borosilicate glass
* Stainless steel screw on top and bottom
* Tea strainer insert
* Bottle sleeve
* It is best to allow some sunshine into your Orgone Water Bottle.

Structured water is the symbiotic arrangements of molecules that arise whenever water is near hydrophilic (affinity to water) surfaces.

Water is the source of life. It is a giving and receiving medium. It cleanses, refreshes, and renews... and new discoveries report that water has consciousness, has memory, and carries information - not only through the tributaries of Mother Earth but through the tributaries of the body.

Chemists have long recognized water as a substance having unusual and unique properties, stemming from the tendency of water molecules to form polymeric units (clusters). The internal connections of these clusters are highly malleable. In other words - water flows through life in many and varied ways.

Placing gemstones in water creates a symbiotic relationship which allows the healing benefits of gemstones to enter into the water. Placing a shungite orgone plate underneath the bottle heightens the health benefits. Say a blessing and drink deeply.

Here’s to a healthy body and a healthy planet.

Benefits include:

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