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Orgone Fluid Art 

Seven Layers within in the Picture Frame creates an

Elegant and Effective Orgone Energy Generating Device

These vibrant one of a kind orgone creations consist of layered organic and inorganic orgone energy matrix materials.

Within the picture frame from bottom to top:
1 - cardboard backing (organic matter)
2- aluminum foil sheet (inorganic matter)
3 - crystal granules (intelligent programming chips) and graphite powder (energetic molecular affinity to diamond) (both inorganic matter) on plexiglass sheet (organic matter) as shown in last photo
4 - cotton canvas (organic matter)
5 - acrylic painting (organic matter)
6 - various metals and/or gemstone power adornments (organic and/or inorganic matter)
7 - a coat of polymer resin (organic matter)

When housed together in such close proximity, an effective orgone energy generating system is created.

5 x 7 inch cotton canvas. Suitable for hanging on a wall or sitting on a desk (excellent for hanging near evasive meters). Effective EMF protection.

Made here at the Monastery. Work and meditate, meditate and work.

Benefits include:

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