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Amazon Review

"Honestly, I'm perplexed. Speechless even. You don't realize how negative of a world you live in until something truly amazing, yet menial, happens. I did a little searching for a good quality orgone necklace. I found one I liked but was slightly discouraged because it wasn't "prime" and i had to pay a shipping charge. I actually backed out to continue searching for something else, hoping to find prime or something that doesn't charge for shipping. But the only product I could find, that I liked and had good reviews, was another orgone necklace made by the same people. So I buckled, I bought both. My expected delivery date was about 2 weeks out, I wasn't too thrilled about that, but I did read another review that said their necklace came earlier than expected. So I was hopeful. I ordered on the 20th, today the 23rd, I got my package. I was definitely surprised to say the least. But it was the extra effort that really made me happy yet confused. Confused because I got a bunch of extra goodies alone with my package that just gave me the warmest of feelings. Like if you could send love in a package, buy it from this company. Im telling you, you won't be upset. This kindness doesn't happen anywhere in life. I really want to meet the person or people responsible for this. You did an excellent job and if you keep this standard, you will thrive."

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